Keith Warlick v. Fog Cutter Capital Group, Inc.

Blecher Collins & Pepperman filed a minority shareholder lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court. Warlick is the former President and CEO of the Fatburger hamburger chain. Warlick’s investment group was the largest minority shareholder group of Fatburger. The suit alleged that the Fog Cutter investment group used fraudulent and unlawful means, in violation of the California state securities laws and in breach of its fiduciary duties, to engage in a scheme to dilute the holdings of common shares of Warlick and his investment group from about a 35% share of the common stock to less than 5% without any compensation. The lawsuit sought damages in excess of $10 million for the fair compensation of the common stock of the Warlick Group which suffered from the dilution. It was litigated together with a related action in which Warlick sought damages for wrongful termination under his Employment Agreement, retaliation based on his objections to unlawful conduct, and discrimination based on his race.